System Requirements

Accessing & Using Travax

The following information provides guidelines for accessing and using the website with an acceptable level of site performance. In all cases, best performance will be achieved using the newest and most robust technologies.

  • Internet Connection
    • Broadband-level internet service is required for acceptable performance. T1 service (1.5 mbps) or faster is recommended. Larger files (such as detailed malaria maps) may load slowly on lower-end broadband services such as mobile and DSL.
  • Operating System
    • The following operating system versions (or higher) are required to meet the standards of the security certificate used to protect browser communication with the Travax site: Windows XP SP3 (service pack 3 installed), Mac OS X 10.5, Android 2.3, Apple iOS 3.0, Blackberry 5.0, Chrome OS (all), Windows Phone 7.
  • Web Browser
    • The current official release version of the major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari) are fully supported. Prior versions released in 2013 or later should also be capable of performing all site functions. Google has discontinued support for displaying maps in Internet Explorer 11 and earlier browsers, and users with those browsers will not be able to access features based on Google Maps. Internet Explorer versions prior to 11 are not capable of performing important site functions and are no longer included in our browser function testing program.
    • Web browser settings must be configured to support Javascript and to accept session-based cookies (the default configuration for the major web browsers listed above).
  • PDF Document Reader
    • An application capable of viewing and printing files in the Portable Document Format (PDF) is required for users to access the high-resolution version of malaria, yellow fever and elevation maps and a number of other documents available in that format. Adobe Reader 9.5 or later, or a similarly capable application, is recommended. The built-in Preview application in Macintosh OS X 10.3 and later is recommended if using that operating system, though 3rd-party PDF viewers are also available for it.
  • Video Display
    • The Travax site content is best viewed on a color monitor with XGA resolution (1024 x 768) or higher in order to minimize horizontal scrolling.
  • Printer
    • A color printer with 600 DPI resolution is recommended in order to print the detailed color malaria, yellow fever and elevation maps. Grayscale printouts of the color maps may lose quality. A printer with a 400 MHz processor rated at 16 PPM (pages per minute) for color with 256MB RAM should provide adequate performance. Printers rated at a higher PPM and/or with more RAM will provide better performance.
  • Other
    • Travax supports browsing in a tablet-based environment.
  • Travax Site Dependencies
    • Travax uses a Google Maps interface to display interactive versions of its risk maps and general country maps. Access to the following URLs is required in order to use this interface: