Education & Training

Shoreland subject matter experts produce and deliver educational programs and training designed to meet subscriber requirements

Medical Preparation for Overseas Travel

These courses provide an overview of common medical risks associated with overseas travel and a review of resources that can be used to develop a strategy to mitigate the risks. Methods to effectively communicate risks and strategies to leadership and to travelers are reviewed and discussed. Small group exercises with realistic travel scenarios are used to reinforce the knowledge gained.

Medical Capability Assessment

Many Shoreland subscribers are required to evaluate medical capabilities for a variety of reasons. This may involve the capabilities of an individual hospital, a defined geographical area (from city to country), or a health care system. These courses provide the background information and practical experience necessary to effectively assess medical facilities and systems of care. Site visits to local hospitals with supervised facility assessments are incorporated into the courses.

Additional Courses

Shoreland's subject matter experts are able to develop other training programs on demand when a subscriber has a specific requirement.