Travel Health Companion

This full-color 92-page booklet is a primer that acquaints the international traveler with important travel health and safety issues

Illustrated with traveler photography from around the globe, the Travel Health Companion summarizes food- and insect-borne diseases, covers common travel-related ailments, and includes treatment suggestions and preventive measures. This booklet will help travelers recognize a wide variety of travel-related health problems and the appropriate response to them.

Book Cover

The Travel Health Companion also offers practical advice on issues such as street safety, modes of transportation, and traveling with children. Several useful charts and checklists are included, along with a helpful section of important phrases translated into Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swahili, Portuguese, and Chinese.

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Booklets are available in lots of 25 copies, beginning at $90 per lot. The order form (see link below) provides the complete multi-lot discount schedule. Travax SL subscribers can purchase a special 100-book lot at the discounted price of $180.

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