What's New

This feature provides a 2-year history of updates to Travax information

A search feature also makes it possible to find specific bulletins or other types of postings. Typical items include (see sample):

  • Disease outbreak news, usually reported as Current Health Bulletins and posted as such on the relevant pages within Destination Information
  • Safety Bulletins and other updates to the Consular Advice pages within Destination Information
  • Updates to any significant destination-specific medical recommendations in Travax
  • Updates to Library articles, such as new vaccine information, drug availability, and other pertinent travel medicine news
  • Literature Watch Reviews, including a link to all Reviews published in the past 2 years

Travax subscribers can also choose to enroll in the News Alert, Content Changes, and Literature Watch Review email services that deliver the most important What's New content directly to them. See Email Subscriptions for additional information about these options.